Since its establishment in 2006, the Indo-German Energy Forum has successfully intensified Indo-German Cooperation in the areas of energy security, energy efficiency and renewable energies, investment in energy projects as well as collaborative research and development. Below are the recent Highlights of IGEF:

Webinar on Green Ammonia (gNH3) Supply Chain - Production, Storage and Export from India via seaborne transport to the European Union

Renewable Power-to-X Training in New Delhi

High-ranking Government Delegation to the 10th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) 2024

Green Hydrogen & PtX Production Training- For Project Developers & Technical Project Managers

Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force Meeting

India’s debut: Train-of-Trainers on green hydrogen and Power-to-X

Business Roundtable Meet on "Green Hydrogen" at Intersolar India

Launch of Agrisolar Best Practice Guideline - India Edition

Train-the-Trainers Program on Green Hydrogen PtX- Electrolyser and Fuel Cell Installation

Renewable Power-to-X Training in Kolkata

Virtual Renewable Power-to-X Training

Webinar on PtX Development Fund

Agrivoltaics and SDGs in Focus: Lecture Series Illuminates Sustainable Development Collaborations

Study Tour to Germany on "Flexibilisation of Existing Thermal Power Plants" with NTPC and STEAG

Business Delegation on Green Hydrogen to Brussels, Rotterdam and Essen

Webinar on Sustainable Aviation and Maritime Fuels Stakeholder Mapping and Survey

Business Delegation to Agrivoltaics Europe 2023

India Agrivoltaics Alliance (IAA)

Webinar on "Tool for Locations of Green Hydrogen Hubs in India"

Train of Trainers on Renewable PtX

Powering Tomorrow with Green Hydrogen - India’s ‘SUNRISE SECTOR’

Workshops on “Flexible Thermal Power Plants: Bridge to a Decarbonised Energy System” in Raipur and Bangalore

Side Event at REI 2023 “Agrivoltaics: Exploring AgriPV Potential in India”

Business roundtable meeting on Green Hydrogen during Renewable Energy India

Business roundtable meeting on Green Hydrogen during Windergy India at Chennai

German Pavilion at Windergy India 2023

Webinar on the modelling the production costs of green ammonia in India

Webinar on Hydrogen Valleys

Renewable Power-to-X Training in Kochi, Kerala

German Government Delegation Explores Collaborative Renewable Energy Avenues during G20 Presidency in India

Roundtable on Energy Storage and Photovoltaics

Networking Dinner with State Secretary Mr. Stefan Wenzel (BMWK) and Representatives of Foundations and NGOs in India

Global Policy Makers Dialogue on Agri-Renewables: Securing Water-Energy-Food Nexus for a Sustainable World

Indo-German Business Forum

Renewable Power-to-X Training in New Delhi

International Conference on Green Hydrogen (ICGH) 2023

Indian Delegation Explores Green Hydrogen and AgriPV in Munich

Indo-German Energy Dialogue on Solar Power and Green Hydrogen

Indo-German Energy Forum Subgroup IV meeting on Green Energy Grid Integration

Indo-German Energy Forum Subgroup III meeting on Energy Efficiency

Indo-German Energy Forum Subgroup II meeting on Renewable Energies

Indo-German Energy Forum Subgroup I on Flexibilisation of Thermal Power Plants

Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force

Business roundtable meetings on "Green Hydrogen" in Chennai & Bangalore

GH2 Conclave

Business Roundtable Meetings on Green Hydrogen in Pune and Mumbai

Webinar on "Hydrogen Hub for Kerala"

Hydrogen and its Derivatives in Practice: German and Indian Perspectives on Opportunities and Challenges

Visit to Agrivoltaic plant in Maharashtra

Business Delegation on Green Hydrogen to Brussels, Rotterdam and Essen

Inauguration of PHD Chamber’s CoE in Green Hydrogen

Women in Energy Roundtable and Networking Dinner

German Pavilion at India Energy Storage Week (IESW)

Virtual Roundtable on "Gap Analysis: Hydrogen Standards"

Webinar on "Decarbonising Shipping in India"

Indian Business Delegation at Hannover Messe 2023

Webinar on "Update on EU Sustainability Criteria Certification for Green Hydrogen Projects"

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD)

Webinar on "Experiences and Lessons Learned for Cluster Development around Ports – The Hamburg Hydrogen Hub"

Knowledge session on "German Funding Schemes for Green Hydrogen Projects in India"

Second edition of Plant Engineering & Production Subworking Group Meeting under Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force

6th Best Practices Study Tour and International Workshop on Agri PV Plants, RE Grid Integration and Green Hydrogen

Second Meeting of Subworking Group on "Quality Infrastructure, Safety and Legal Framework" under the Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force

Local Business Advisory Council on Wind Energy in India

Green Hydrogen Business Roundtable at ELECRAMA

Webinar on "CO2 Certificates as Additional Revenue Stream for Green Hydrogen Sales”

International Seminar on Hydrogen-The fuel of the future is here

Transport, Storage and Consumption Meeting of Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force

Train-of-Trainers on Renewable PtX

Finance, Insurance Industry and Trading Meeting of Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force

Quality Infrastructure and Legal Framework Meeting of Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force

Roundtable on Green Hydrogen in Kolkata & Mumbai

Local Business Advisory Council Meeting on Green Hydrogen

Symposium on “International Cooperation for Green Hydrogen

9th Energy Day at Intersolar India / The smarter E India 2022

9th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference

Webinar on Safety Standards and Norms of Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia and Green Methanol

ARE Conference and Energy Swaraj Awards

Flexible Thermal Power Plants: Bridge to a decarbonized Energy System

Plant Engineering & Production Meeting of Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force

Coal Phase-Out in Germany

3rd edition of Aatmanirbhar Bharat in RE Manufacturing

World Hydrogen Energy Summit 2022

IKI India Networking Workshop

Session on Green Hydrogen in India – Prospects and Opportunities

A platform of cooperation and exchange – The German Pavilion at Renewable Energy India Expo

Green Hydrogen Training Workshop

Indo-German Energy Dialogue on Green Hydrogen and Offshore Wind

Global Green Hydrogen Conference

Business Opportunities for AgriPV in India

Business Delegation to WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 and H2 Expo & Conference

Knowledge Exchange Tour on Green Hydrogen to Brussels, Rotterdam and Hamburg

World Energy Storage Day (WESD)

Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force Meeting

GH2 Summit India

National Roundtable Conference on Agri-Renewables in India

International Green Hydrogen Knowledge Training

Online Simulator Training for Indian Power Plant Personnel

Subgroup III Meeting on Energy Efficiency

Indian Delegation to the AgriVoltaics Conference 2022

Business Opportunities for AgriPV in India

Green Hydrogen- India’s Pathway to Green Economy

Hon’ble Minister Shri Bhagwanth Khuba visiting Agriphotovoltaic Power Plants in Germany

Women Energize Women Conference

Visit of Hon’ble Minister Shri Bhagwanth Khuba at the smarter E Europe 2022

Delegation to World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam and Intersolar Europe 2022 in Munich

India Energy Storage Week (IESW)

Indo-German CEO Energy Roundtable with Hon’ble Minister R.K. Singh (MoP and MNRE)

India and Germany sign Joint Declaration of Intent on Green Hydrogen Task Force

Dr. Vandana Kumar (MNRE) visits green hydrogen projects in Germany

9th Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) on 29 April 2022

Windergy India

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2022

Flexibility Test Runs for Indian Coal-Fired Power Plants

Knowledge Session: Green Hydrogen-based Chemicals

German-Indian Roundtable: Dialogue Event of GIRT Central Germany (German-Indian Roundtable) and AHK India

The Smarter E India - Intersolar India

Agri-Renewables: A Double Engine to India’s Growth Story

World Wind Energy Conference 2021

Indo-German Roundtable on Agriphotovoltaics

Knowledge session: Certification of Green Hydrogen

RenewX: Business Opportunities for Agrivoltaics in India

World Hydrogen Energy Summit

India Week Hamburg: Hamburg - India Business Day

World Energy Storage Day

New Agrivoltaic Developments in India at REI Expo 2021

German Pavilion and Session on Agrivoltaics at REI Expo 2021

Knowledge Session: Transport of Green Hydrogen

Online Training and Capacity Building Program on Knowledge Management Agri PV Plants and RE Grid Integration

8th Indo-German Energy Day

New record: 36% Minimum Load reached at the Maithon Power Plant in India

Hydrogen Energy Conference

8th Energy Storage Solutions Meet

Aatmanirbhar Bharat - Self reliance for Renewable Energy Manufacturing

Knowledge Session: Large Scale Green Hydrogen Production

Strategy Meeting of SolarPower Europe and the National Solar Energy Federation of India

Energising Women to Advance the Energy Transition

Knowledge Session: Decentralised Green Hydrogen Production

CEM12/MI6: Three years of power system flexibility

Webinar on Repowering of Old Wind Farms in India

Local Business Advisory Council Meeting on Green Hydrogen

Mercom India Solar Summit 2021

Stationary Energy Storage India (SESI) 2021

SolarPower Europe launches O&M Best Practice Checklist India edition

MIIM Webinar on Insights and Opportunities in Solar PV Modules and Energy Storage

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) 2021

Is Coal Coming To An End? Structural Changes For A Decarbonized Future

Subgroup IV meeting on Green Energy Grid Integration

German Pavilion at India Smart Utility Week 2021

India Smart Utility Week 2021

E-launch of Report on E-mobility & Low Carbon Passenger Road Transport

Workshop on different Business Models used by ESCOs

AgroPV and KUSUM in Doubling Energy Harvest and Income for Indian Farmers

Risk Management and Supply Chain Analysis and Optimisation for Off-grid Energy Projects

Launch of the Indian edition of the O&M Best Practice Guidelines

Rooftop Solar Policy Round Up by Bridge to India

3rd Global Renewable Energy Investment Meeting and Expo (RE-INVEST 2020)

Online Training Program for Power Sector Professionals on Floating Solar PV Project and Data Communications Infrastructure

EU Zone at RE-Invest 2020

Webinar on Residential Rooftop Solar - ready for take off by Bridge to India

Technical Web Seminar „Flexible Operation of Thermal Power Plants”

Launch of the "Recipe Book for Flexibilisation of Coal-based Power Plants"

Symposium on Energy Conservation and Solar Energy organised by GD Goenka University

Survey of old solar water pumps to ascertain asset condition, utilization and policy efficacy

3rd Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA)

Official Inauguration of Germany’s largest commercial vertical AgroPV Power Plant

Roundtable discussion on Phase Shifting Transformer

PV Manufacturing in India

German Days – Digitales 2020

Flexibility Test Runs in Indian Power Plants to Support Grid Integration of Renewable Energies

Feasibility of Solar Energy Generation for Dairy Processing

Insights and Opportunities in Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturing Ecosystem

World Energy Storage Day 2020

Webinar on Economic Uncertainties and a Just Transition for India’s Coal Mining Sector

WB India Summit

First World Solar Technology Summit organised by ISA

CO2-Neutral Battery Manufacturing in Europe

7th Indo-German Energy Day at the 2nd REI E-Expo

3rd Local Business Advisory Council

India and Germany Collaborate on ‘Nationally Determined Contributions - Transport Initiative for Asia (NDC-TIA) Programme’ to Promote Decarbonized Mobility

Germany’s Support to India to Fight COVID-19

Online Training Program for Power Sector Professionals on Renewable Energy Grid Integration through Hydro Pumped Storage

IGEF Subgroup I Meeting on Flexibilisation of Thermal Power Plants

IGEF Subgroup III Meeting on Energy Efficiency

IGEF Subgroup IV on Green Energy Corridors

IGEF Subgroup II Meeting on Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy India E-Expo

Future of Distributed Home Storage Systems in India

Renewable Energy Technologies from Germany for Industrial Application

Webinar on Business Opportunities for AgroPV in India – Learnings from Europe and India

Germany supporting India with NDC Transport Initiative funded by International Climate Initiative

Webinar on Fast Ramping of Coal Fired Power Plants

International Cooperation in Indian Solar Rooftop Sector

Webinar on Flexibilisation of Coal Fired Power Plants

MIIM Webinar on Indian Renewable Energy

e-Conference on Clean Energy & Clean Transportation: Key to Fight Climate Change

IGEF Subgroup I Meeting on Flexibilisation of Thermal Power Plants

Workshop on Best Practices Guidelines for O&M for Solar in India

European and Indian companies develop best practices guidelines for O&M for solar adapted to the Indian market together

Dr. Falken-Grosser from Government of Germany speaks at ISUW 2020

Visiting the Largest Functioning Agrophotovoltaic Plant in India

Visit of German Parliamentarian Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy

Flexible Operation of Thermal Power Plants in India: Workshops in Kolkata and Ahmedabad

World Utility Summit and ELECRAMA 2020

AgroPV Sessions at Intersolar India

Exhibition on German Energiewende

Best Practices Study-Tour cum training on Grid Management, Network Monitoring & Loss Reductions

Subgroup IV meeting on Green Energy Corridors

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits solar PV project sites supported by GIZ

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel meets Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Women Empowering the Global Energy Transition

Market and System Integration of Renewable Energies

Indo-German Energy FORUM

Subgroup 2 Co-Chair participates in REEWeek in Berlin

Study Tour to Germany & France on Energy Storage Systems and Floating Solar

German Group Participation at REI 2019

German Local Business Council

AgroPhotovoltaic Session at REI Expo 2019

Residential Solar – Business Opportunities in India

Expert Dialogue on “Accelerating Solar Rooftop Growth in India”

Impact assessment of Electric Vehicle charging on the Indian electricity distribution system

Solar irrigation pumps and its impact on water, energy and food security in rural India

IGEF organises Study Tour to Battery Energy Storage

IGEF study tour to India’s first grid-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage

International Conference on Battery and Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Solar farms on water: KfW and TERI host expert session on Floating Solar Photovoltaic

Low carbon buildings: KfW and EESL promote solar rooftop in Maharashtra

IGEF Subgroup II meeting on “Renewable Energies”

Participants discussed energy sector developments in India and Germany
Participants discussed energy sector developments in India and Germany

Indo-German Energy Dialogue at Intersolar Europe 2019

IGEF organises Best Practice Study Tour on Floating Solar PV

IGEF Subgroup IV meeting on " Green Energy Corridors "

Indo-German Environment Forum

Minister honouring IGEF with CBIP Award

IGEF organizes the German Country Session at 2nd Global RE-Invest 2018

IGEF Subgroup III meeting on “Energy Efficiency”

Launch of Report on Cooling Demand and Energy Efficiency Potential in India

Indo-German Energy Forum Roundtable on "Achieving the goal of flexible thermal power plants in India

Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) showcases PV Port & Store at the 2nd Global RE-Invest 2018

Indian Offshore Wind fact-finding mission to Hamburg

Indo-German Energy Day at Renewable Energy India Expo 2018

IGEF Task Force Flexibility experts successfully carried out minimum load tests in Dadri NTPC power plant

Indo-German Energy Dialogue on Solar PV Market Development in India

Fact-Finding Mission on Public EV-Charging Infrastructure in Germany

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees India as a partner for development of Clean Energy Technologies

Indo-German Expert Exchange on Standards for Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure

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