Delegation to World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam and Intersolar Europe 2022 in Munich

Together with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, IGEF-SO organised an Indian delegation to Germany and the Netherlands from the 7.-14. May 2022 on the topics of Green Hydrogen and Agriphotovoltaic. The tour featured a visit to the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam and Intersolar Europe, which took place as part of The smarter E 2022, in Munich.

Besides the visits to the trade fairs, the 12 participants also had the chance to experience first-hand how agriculture and energy production can be combined in the context of Agriphotovoltaic facilities near Leuven and Munich. A visit to the European Commission focused on certification criteria of sustainable or "green" hydrogen, especially regarding the export of hydrogen from India to the EU. Another highlight was a boat tour through the Port of Rotterdam, during which the infrastructure development for green hydrogen became tangible. The topic of green hydrogen was also addressed during a visit to the Energiepark Mainz. The plant is operated by Mainzer Stadtwerke AG and the Linde Group. It uses the company's four own wind turbines to generate the necessary energy to produce green hydrogen. Part of the hydrogen is fed into the natural gas grid. In addition, it is filled in trailers that are used by industry or for the transport sector. After a presentation on the technical data and the development of the site, the participants had the opportunity to closely inspect the different hydrogen processing stations.

Overall, the tour offered participants the opportunity to take a detailed look at various projects on Agriphotovoltaics and green hydrogen in Europe. The trade fairs also allowed participants to network and explore new opportunities for cooperation. 

Visit at the Energiepark Mainz

Agriphotovoltaic facilities near Leuven