Technical Web Seminar „Flexible Operation of Thermal Power Plants”

On 29 October 2020 the Technical Web Seminar „Flexible Operation of Thermal Power Plants” organized by VGB PowerTech e.V. and IGEF-SO took place.

Wind- and solar-based variable power generation is increasing worldwide. For the efficient integration of these energy sources flexibility in the energy system is needed. Dispatchable generation is currently the most important flexibility option worldwide. Especially in India, coal-fired power plants form the majority of dispatchable generation. Faster ramp rates and stable minimum load operation enable coal-fired power plants to adapt to the new energy mix.

The flexible operation of coal-fired power plants has become a key topic of the Indo-German Energy Forum. After successful flexibility test runs at NTPC’s Dadri power plant a team of Indian and German experts is now working on two additional test series: at the Andal and Maithon power plant. The Andal power plant is located in the state of West Bengal and is operated by Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) – unit 2 with a capacity of 500 MW is selected for the test runs. The nearby Maithon power plant in Jharkhand state is operated by a joint venture of TataPower and DVC. The investigations also focus on unit 2 with 525 MW.

The web seminar introduced the new projects and provided insights into experiences in flexible power plant operation in India and Europe (including Turkey).

Please download the publication by Mr. Anjan Kumar Sinha "Recipe book for flexibilisation of coal based power plants"

The introductory presentation of Dr. Weise on Flexible Operation of Thermal Power Plants can be downloaded here.

The presentation of Mr. B.C.Mallick on Flexible Power: for Integration of Renewable Generation can be downloaded here.

The presentation of Mr. Anjan Kumar Sinha on Techno-Economic Aspects of Flexible Operation: The Indian Experience can be downloaded here.

The presentation of Mr. Samir Pandab on MPL’s journey towards “Acclimatizing with new Regime of Flexi-Operation”: Changes incorporated in Operating Philosophy and Inhouse Solutions can be downloaded here.

The presentation of Mr. S.K. Ghosh on Flexibilisation of Thermal Power Generation for Renewable Energy Integration in Grid and Experiences of DSTPS DVC Andal can be downloaded here.

The presentation of Anil Kurbanoglu on Digital Solution to Increase Flexibility of Coal Fired Power Plant can be downloaded here.

The presentation of Dr. Christian Ullrich on Consequences of Flexible Power Plant Operation can be downloaded here.


For further information take a look at our Flexibility Toolbox or follow the link to VGB