CEM12/MI6: Three years of power system flexibility

As part of the Clean Energy Ministerial 12 (CEM) and the Mission Innovation 6 (MI), the side event “Three years of power system flexibility” brought together different perspectives from around the globe on flexiblising power systems to tackle the challenge of climate change.
Shri Vivek Kumar Dewangan, Additional Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Power (MoP), stressed India’s ambitious renewable energy targets. The share of coal-fired power plants is projected to reduce until 2030 to 40% though coal will remain important for balancing the power system. Thus, flexibility of the power generation sector will be key for India’s energy transition. Shri Ramesh Babu, Director (Operations) of NTPC, likewise emphasised the necessity to adjust existing systems due to increasing variations of electricity demand during the day which are of major concern to power producers and grid operators. Dr. Claudia Weise, Project Head at VGB PowerTech e.V., underlined the ongoing study by IGEF to test the technical feasibility of flexible power plants at different locations in India. Dr. Winfried Damm, Head of Energy at GIZ India, pointed out that these tests prove the technical feasibility. A challenge remains the economic viability of flexibilisation in India and to bring power plant operators on the same page to make them “Flexperts” - experts in flexibility.

You can watch the full event here.