Indian Delegation to the AgriVoltaics Conference 2022

AgriVoltaics2022 was held in Piacenza, Italy, from 15 - 17 July 2022. The conference is the largest professional conference around Agriphotovoltaics (AgriPV). It provides networking opportunities for scientists, companies, associations and policy experts. IGEF-SO accompanied an Indian delegation on their study tour to Germany and Italy. The group visited several AgriPV projects. In Donaueschingen, Germany, the group visited a 14 ha plant with about 11,000 bifacial solar modules, which covers the energy needs of about 1200 households. Due to the east-west orientation of the solar modules, electricity is produced in the morning and evening – complementing the production times of conventional solar plants. In Kressbronn near Lake Constance, the group visited a research facility of Fraunhofer ISE. On an area of about 0.4 ha, it is investigated how AgriPV and fruit cultivation, specifically the cultivation of apples, successfully work together. Near Lake Constance, in Bavendorf, another Fraunhofer ISE project is situated, which is similarly investigating the interaction between organic fruit cultivation and AgriPV systems. The special features of this plant are the use of two different AgriPV systems - one static system and one with tracking - and the use of semi-transparent solar modules.