Fact-Finding Mission on Public EV-Charging Infrastructure in Germany

Following the Subgroup I meeting of the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) on “Flexibilization of Fossil Fuels Based Power Plants”, Joint Secretary Aniruddha Kumar led an Indian delegation with high representatives from Ministry of Power and National Thermal Power Cooperation (NTPC) on a fact-finding mission about public EV-charging infrastructure in Germany from 18 to 20 April 2018. In the course of the fact-finding mission set up by the IGEF Support Office with support of the Transport Department of GIZ Eschborn the Indian delegation met and discussed amongst others with the German Association of Energy and Water (BDEW), the Federal Governments Joint Unit for Electric Mobility (GGEMO), the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection of the municipality of Berlin (presentation), the Berliner Wasserbetriebe, the charge point operator Allego GmbH (presentation) as well as the association CharIN e.V. (presentation). Key points of interest and discussion were to identify the various stakeholders involved in setting up a public charging infrastructure with focus on the role of electricity companies. Besides these meetings, the delegation also experienced and tested a variety of publicly available and free-floating mobility options such as electric taxis, electric car and scooter sharing and free floating electric bicycles in Berlin. Key take-away of the fact-finding mission was that cross-sectoral coordination of the various involved stakeholders and initial funding is required to success in setting up a public charging infrastructure.

Report: Public EV-Charging Infrastructure in Germany - Fact-Finding Mission to Berlin in April 2018