Hydrogen Energy Conference

The Indian Chamber of Commerce organised a special Hydrogen Energy conference on 16 July. In the session “Production of Green Hydrogen and Grey Hydrogen”, the panellists discussed the importance of hydrogen as a fuel, its utilisation and production and how green hydrogen, given the right incentives and lower costs, can play a much bigger role in decarbonization. Speakers agreed that hydrogen should be used in sectors difficult to decarbonize, for instance in steel making and chemical manufacturing. In Europe, 7 out of 8 major steel makers have pledged to the net zero by 2050 and agree that this is not possible by using coking coal. Another possibility would be the usage of green hydrogen as a green fuel for heavy duty transport and longdistance transportation, as this is where electric mobility is still challenged. In the second panel revolving around batteries, more sustainable mobility opportunities were discussed. As of now, electric vehicles (EVs) are found the best option for sustainable mobility but policy interventions remain to be required to achieve area-wide coverage of electrical mobility.