IGEF organises Best Practice Study Tour on Floating Solar PV

In a joint initiative, the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) and the Central Board of irrigation and Power (CBIP) conducted a unique Best Practice Study Tour cum Training and Capacity Building Programme on Floating Solar with +90 delegates from March 4th to 6th, 2019, in Calicut and Banasurasagar, Kerala, India.

The high-profile delegation consisted of participants from over 42 organisations and several countries - including Germany, Japan, Australia and Bangladesh. The main objectives of this study tour were to provide state transmission utilities, generation companies, distribution companies and other stakeholders in India and Bangladesh with an opportunity to share their experiences and to learn from best practices. At present, Government of India is preparing tenders of several GW for floating solar. 

At first, delegates visited India’s largest floating PV system with a capacity of 500 kWp in Banasurasagar reservoir and afterwards got the chance to discuss its details, advantages and disadvantages with senior engineers from the Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd. (KSEB). The involved experts who professionally accompanied the study tour gave insights into various models of using photovoltaic modules on water infrastructures and highlighted its advantages like the flexible application, land savings, small increase in efficiency of the modules as well as the reduction in evaporation of water from the water body. As modules in floating systems operate under a cooler environment, it further reduces thermal loss and long-term heat induced degradation.

To further strengthen the exchange of experiences and expertise, a one-day workshop was held on Floating Solar PV Project and Data Communications Implementation after the field visits. Participants were able to discuss with the panel various aspects such as the main advantages of floating solar, issues of water evaporation and plants with modern variations from generation to generation, use of flexible panel and economical solutions.