Webinar on "Tool for Locations of Green Hydrogen Hubs in India"

In collaboration with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF-SO) organised a comprehensive webinar on 30 October 2023, addressing a pivotal tool designed for the identification of Green Hydrogen Hubs in India. This tool, developed by GIZ along with PwC, analyses and maps logistics and storage infrastructure for Green Hydrogen and its derivatives. The graphical tool aims to highlight the synergy between supply nodes of Renewable Electricity and the demand for Green Hydrogen across various sectors in different demand centres. Approximately 130 participants from industry, public sector and research institutions took part in the webinar.

Ms. Sonia Prashar, Deputy Director General at IGCC, welcomed participants with opening remarks, emphasising the importance of maximising  awareness about green hydrogen and fostering collaboration between Germany and India in this domain.

Mr. Rolf Behrndt, Senior Hydrogen Specialist, GIZ Germany, introduced the speakers and moderated the discussion, highlighting the versatility of the tool. He underscored its utility not only for developers but also for state governments, offering invaluable insights for effective planning and execution.  

Mr. Raman Jha, Director at PwC, explained the objective of the graphic tool and its key features, while Mr. Aneeb Ul Islam, Senior Associate at PwC, gave an in-depth insight into the intricacies of the tool.   The tool serves as a guide, navigating users through the renewables supply in India and the demand for Green Hydrogen  in potential sectors such as Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilisers, Steel, Cement, Aluminum, and Long-distance shipping. Additionally, it scrutinises and maps the logistics and storage infrastructure for Green Hydrogen and its derivatives within the Indian context.

After introducing the tool, participants engaged in a discussion, asking questions that helped everyone understand its importance and how it could make a difference. 

There is also a short explanation on the mapping tool  Mapping Tool for Green Hydrogen Hubs and Valleys in India - YouTube

The knowledge session can be viewed on Webinar on Tool for Locations of Green Hydrogen Hubs in India