Indo-German Business Forum

During Dr. Robert Habeck’s visit, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) organised an Indo-German Business Forum on the theme “Inviting Innovation: Transforming the economy for a shared sustainable future” on Thursday, 20th July 2023, in New Delhi. 

At the Business Forum, the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF-SO) together with IGCC hosted a panel discussion concerning the decarbonisation of supply chains. The panel featured a Kick-Off Session led by Ms. Sonia Prashar, Deputy Director General, IGCC, and Mr. Stefan Wenzel, State Secretary, BMWK. Secretary Wenzel highlighted Germany's commitment to decarbonisation, emphasizing energy efficiency and the shift towards electricity-based processes. Germany’s strategy involves expanding renewable energy utilization to electrify various sectors, with a goal of transitioning away from fossil fuels. Notably, the discussion highlighted the importance of carbon-neutral hydrogen for challenging sectors such as heavy industry and explored the concept of pricing emissions to encourage behavioural change.

Secretary Wenzel and Ms. Prashar explored potential collaborative opportunities between India and Germany within the framework of Germany's National Hydrogen Strategy. Secretary Wenzel acknowledged Germany’s energy import status despite renewable efforts, emphasizing the role of international partnerships in advancing decarbonisation goals.

The discussion also delved into the Climate Club, an innovative initiative fostering global cooperation in climate protection and industrial decarbonisation, with a strong emphasis on inclusivity for all participating nations. Furthermore, the European Union’s (EU) Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) was a focal point. Secretary Wenzel regarded CBAM as a leveling mechanism beneficial to all participating countries. India’s competitive green power prices were recognized as conferring trade advantages, facilitating affordable green products for the EU while enabling Indian companies to lead in green markets.

The subsequent panel discussion, titled “Decarbonisation of Supply Chains,” was moderated by Mr. Tobias Winter, Director, IGEF-SO. This discussion featured leading companies from both India and Germany sharing their insights and experiences regarding decarbonisation and energy efficiency.

Ms. Melanie Kreis, CFO at DHL, elaborated on the company's substantial climate-neutral logistics investments (7 billion EUR until 2030), including commitments to alternative aviation fuels and carbon-neutral buildings, with a clear objective of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Ms. Mahua Acharya, Chief of Staff at C-Quest, drew from her experience leading the world's largest electric bus program during her tenure as CEO and Managing Director of state-owned Convergence Energy Services Ltd. She also touched upon India's electric vehicle fleet market and explored the potential of an Indian Carbon Market along with business models for commercial PV-rooftops.  

Mr. Vikram Kapur, Chief Growth Officer and Member of the Management Board of ReNew Power, highlighted the company’s green ammonia and H2Global tenders, as well as significant renewable energy installations.

Mr. Ebel, President of the German solar association (BSW Solar), along with Mr. Winter, discussed the association’s history and recent projects in India, including deliberations on PV rooftops versus ground installations.

Ms. Jyoti Gulia, founder of JMK Research and former leader of Bridge to India, contributed insights on business models for commercial PV rooftops and the transition of large companies to green power.

The panel discussion elicited valuable contributions from participants, fostering a constructive dialogue among Indian and German companies regarding ongoing decarbonisation endeavors.

All panelists of the discussion "Decarbonisation of Supply Chains" with Secretary Stefan Wenzel.

Secretary Stefan Wenzel and Ms. Sonia Prashar during the Kick-Off Session.

Ms. Melanie Kreis and Mr. Bimal Jindal after the official panel discussion.