Indo-German Energy Forum Subgroup IV Meeting on Green Energy Grid Integration

The Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF-SO) held a Subgroup IV meeting on 14 June, 2023, in New Delhi, focusing on the topic of “Green Energy Grid Integration”. In her welcome address, Mrs. Aparna Bhatia, Co-Chair of Subgroup IV from the Indian side and the Economic Adviser (BC & Admin) at the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), highlighted the crucial role of the group in India’s Green Energy Corridor (GEC) initiative. She emphasised the collaborative efforts of key stakeholders, including BMZ, DEA, MNRE, KfW, and IGEF-SO, commending their concerted work to advance GEC projects.

Co-Chair from the German side, Ms. Barbara Schäfer, Head of Division of South Asia at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), commenced her opening remarks by asserting that “Green Energy Finance” and “Grid Integration” are important topics. She highlighted Germany’s pioneering position in addressing the requirements for integrating renewable energy into the grid and expressed the commitment to ongoing cooperation with India and BMZ to support India in achieving its renewable energy targets. During the meeting, representatives from KfW provided the update on the progress and upcoming activities of Subgroup IV. They outlined a holistic approach, focusing on transmission, distribution, storage, system integration with various renewable energy sources, and reforms in DISCOMs and energy markets. Additionally, KfW highlighted the need for specific financing aspects, innovative green financing mechanisms, and programmatic support at the state level. KfW also provided updates on different phases of GEC activities, including loan signings and utilisation for renewable energy evacuation infrastructure in various states. Discussions were held on potential projects like the Leh-Haryana energy transition and Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited’s interest in GEC-III.

The meeting addressed IGEF-supported studies and study tours, presenting findings and discussing their implications for future collaboration.

Concrete actions and a work plan were agreed upon, emphasising the development of roadmaps for green energy financing, strengthening grids, and exploring innovative financing mechanisms. The decision to accept the name change to “Green Energy Financing and Grid Integration” was also agreed upon by the Co-Chairs.

The meeting showcased the ongoing commitment and cooperation between India and Germany in advancing green energy initiatives, concluding with an acknowledgement that the current and proposed activities of SG IV align with the spirit of cooperation between the two countries.