Webinar on "Hydrogen Hub for Kerala"

In collaboration with Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF-SO) organised a webinar on 15 May 2023 regarding the development of a hydrogen hub for Kerala. This event has been a follow up to a first webinar on “Experiences and Lessons Learned for Cluster Development around Ports” held on 22 March 2023. Contrary to the first webinar, this time it was a closed event specifically for participants from Kerala. Nearly 30 people from industry and the public sector engaged in the webinar, which was designed to facilitate dialogue among the participants.  

Ms. Dorothe Görtz, Senior Consultant at HPC, and Mr. Ingo Fehrs, Head of Environmental Strategy and Sustainability at HPA, delivered a presentation on the hydrogen initiatives taking place in Hamburg. Their collaborative goal was to elucidate the roles and objectives of various stakeholders, while also providing insights into alternative models of hub organisation. 

To commence their presentation, the two speakers addressed the potential governance structures of green hydrogen hubs and different variations of green hydrogen valleys. Mr. Fehrs elaborated on five crucial factors that play a pivotal role during the preparatory phases of establishing a hydrogen hub. He then proceeded to discuss the challenges faced by hydrogen valleys. The speakers further delved into the critical elements for hydrogen projects, with a particular emphasis on the importance of public funding support. 

Furthermore, the speakers expounded on the essential steps towards a prosperous hydrogen economy. These steps encompassed the establishment of a governance structure, stakeholder management, project administration, logistics planning, and a business plan. The speakers also shed light on a working group in Hamburg that has been established to facilitate the development of a framework for hydrogen operations in ports. 

The subsequent discussion centred on questions regarding the various methods of hydrogen production (grey, blue and green hydrogen) as well as inquiries relating to the energy storage of hydrogen at the port in Hamburg. The open format of this meeting provided further inside on the topics that were discussed in the previous webinar and gave the participants the chance to discuss the experiences from the Hamburg port and apply it to the planned hub in Kerala.  


Please find the presentation below:  Experiences and Lessons Learned for Cluster Developments around Ports