Webinar on "Experiences and Lessons Learned for Cluster Development around Ports – The Hamburg Hydrogen Hub"

In collaboration with Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF-SO) organised a webinar on “Experiences and Lessons Learned for Cluster Development around Ports – The Hamburg Hydrogen Hub” on 22 March 2023. More than 50 participants from industry and the public sector discussed ways to decarbonise ports and develop hydrogen clusters.

Speakers from HPA and HPC provided insights into the strategy of the Hamburg Hydrogen Hub and shared lessons learned relevant to the Indian context.

Mr. Ingo Fehrs, Head of Environmental Strategy and Sustainability at HPA presented the status quo of hydrogen projects in the Port of Hamburg. The challenges in terms of available space and infrastructure, as well as the connectivity of the hydrogen hubs, were discussed. The Port of Hamburg has set itself the goal of becoming a hub for sustainable energy production and energy imports. In order to achieve this goal, a strong network of various stakeholders is fundamental. In the second presentation Mr. Fehrs explained the cornerstones of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster which is an example for a strong network as it is bringing together all companies in the renewable energy sector.  

Ms. Dorothe Görtz, Senior Consultant at HPC outlined the upcoming plans such as the first large scale green energy import terminal of Germany in Hamburg or the Hamburg Hydrogen Industry Grid. Representing the private sector, she also highlighted the importance of industry alliances to reduce investment risk and the need to coordinate timelines within the value chain to enable market ramp-up.

The subsequent discussion centred on questions relating to the certification of green hydrogen where the speakers, as well as Mr. Johannes Schmidt, Senior Manager at HPA engaged with the participants.

Please find the presentation below: 
Experiences and Lessons Learned for Cluster Developments around Ports