Symposium on “International Cooperation for Green Hydrogen

The Indo-German Symposium on International Cooperation for Green Hydrogen organised by the German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH) on 7 December 2022, aimed to foster a robust exchange of ideas and perspectives surrounding the current policies and research in the field of green hydrogen, particularly in its storage and transport. The symposium brought together an array of experts from both India and Germany, as they shared their insights on Green Hydrogen technology, which is the fuel of the future.

During the keynote, Prof. Dr. Olivier Guillon (Forschungszentrum Jülich) offered a comprehensive overview of Germany’s national hydrogen strategy, illuminating the key research activities and flagship projects that have arisen from this strategy. A panel discussion followed thereafter, featuring researchers and advisors on the topic from Zukunftscluster Wasserstoff, Forschungszentrum Jülich, CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) & IIT Madras. Prof. Dr. Ralf Peters, Dr. Heidi Heinrichs, Dr. Ashish Lele, and Dr. Jitendra Sangwai, delved into the current research on the storage and transport of green hydrogen in India and Germany, a topic of immense interest as India strives to become a prominent supplier, and Germany anticipates a shortfall in its own production. The final session saw presentations from experts from industry and academia, namely Mr. Sammy Wittop (National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology NOW GmbH), Prof. Daniel Markthaler (Fraunhofer IPA), and Prof. S. Dasappa (Indian Institute of Science). These presentations showcased pilot and international research projects that demonstrated the tremendous potential of hydrogen in mobility.

The symposium served as a testament to the wideranging R&D initiatives underway in the hydrogen economy, which are being supported by numerous funding organisations in both India and Germany. The overarching objective of these initiatives is to create new materials, methods, components, systems, and potential cooperation that will help to advance the field and bring us closer to a sustainable future with net-zero emissions. By providing a platform for meaningful discussions, the event played a vital role in promoting international collaboration and expanding the collective knowledge of this critical technology. The DWIH New Delhi is a part of the Indo-German Green Hydrogen Taskforce, led by the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF), which also supported the event.

An event recording is available here.