India Smart Utility Week 2021

India Smart Utility Week 2021 (ISUW), supported by IGEF SO, was held on 02 – 05 March 2021. Conducted on a digital platform it served as an International Conference and Exhibition on Smart Energy and Mobility for Smarter Cities. The Exhibition Booths at ISUW 2021 were in a 3-D format offered an innovative experience to exhibitors and visitors. ISUW 2021 brought together India’s leading electricity, gas and water utilities, policymakers, regulators, investors and world’s top- notch smart energy experts and researchers to discuss trends, share best practices and showcase next generation technologies and products in smart energy and smart cities domains. ISUW 2021 concluded several plenaries, interactive workshops, keynotes, technical sessions and technical paper presentations. Bi-lateral Smart Grid workshop with EU, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Canada were a great success - full of informative insights. The 5th edition of ISGF Innovation Awards 2021 was again organised as part of the event.

You can find all the presentations here using the password ISUW20210205#.

Once more the EU partnered with ISUW 2021. In their joint workshop, the 10th EU-India workshop on Smart Grids regulators, policymakers, electricity utilities, investors, smart energy experts, and researchers participated with a panel discussion on Competition and Market Design for the Power Sector in India: Enablers for India's Energy Transition. This was the 10th time that such a collaborative workshop was executed.

"Given the need for India and Europe to integrate more Renewable Energy, one of the enabler is competition and functioning markets in the power sector. The increase in prices in electricity market necessitates the need to assess the competition and market power in electricity markets. The market design defines the trading arrangements that get the buyers and sellers of the markets together in a competitive market. These trading arrangements define the detailed rules of access to the transmission facility with the right of access to the facilities being enshrined in the law governing the electricity sector of a country. The most developed form of market structure is the one that allows for customer choice and retail competition. Once competition is ensured in the retail business, distribution companies or retail suppliers can compete with each other to attract the ultimate users of service. This would motivate cost cutting through increase in efficiency and innovation which would in turn lead to expansion of output as well as reduction in price; improvement in the quality of service; as well as wider options in choosing suppliers. All these benefits would result in an increase in consumer welfare. "

One keynote was delivered by Matthis Brinkhaus, Energy Brainpool on the topic of the European Electricity Trade.
You can watch his presentation on our Youtube Channel.

ISGF has been organising its flagship annual event, India Smart Utility Week (ISUW) since 2015, and it is considered as one of the top five international events on Smart Grids and Smart Cities.