Roundtable discussion on Phase Shifting Transformer

On Thursday, October 8, 2020 the virtual round table discussion on "Phase Shifting Transformers: optimising the transmission network infrastructure" took place. The event was supported by the Indo-German Energy Forum Support Office (IGEF-SO) and dealt with both the German as well as the Indian network planner perspective.

Günter Panzer, Head of Business Development Actuators at Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH made the opening address. He thus paved the way to the presentations, which dealt with the topic on optimizing the transmission network infrastructure. 
Watch him give his introductory words here.

Prof. Martin Wolter of the University Magdeburg gave his presentation on the subject of Phase Shifting Transformer Requirement in optimally utilizing the Existing Network Infrastructure, thus providing an introduction of a German Network Planner Perspective.
Watch his presentation here.

Laurenc Kirchner (MR) gave a presentation on the Regulation of Phase Shifting Transformers, explaining a key component for optimizing the overall transformer design.
Watch his presentation here

You can watch all the presentations here on our Youtube Channel.