Insights and Opportunities in Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturing Ecosystem

The initiative of the Embassy of India in Berlin Make in India Mittelstand conducted a webinar on "Insights and Opportunities in Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturing Ecosystem" on September 23rd 2020. The webinar provided insights into Indian wind energy manufacturing ecosystem, Government policies & reforms, and potential opportunities for German companies in the wind energy sector. The first presenter, Mr. Anup Barapatre, Managing Consultant at EAC-Euro Asia Consulting, elaborated on “Insights and Opportunities in Indian Wind Energy Manufacturing Value-chain”. With the fourth largest wind capacity of 38 Gigawatt (GW) and as one of the five countries with the fastest growing capacity for 2019, India is one of the most promising global players in wind energy. Barapatre illustrated that domestic demand in India will continue to grow and that the export potential shows enormous opportunities in the area of turbine manufacturing. Hence, India not only offers opportunities for the domestic market, but also as an export hub.
The second presentation was held by Ms. Kanika Verma who is an Associate for Renewable Energy and Power at Invest India on “Government policies and reforms for promoting Renewable Energy manufacturing in India”. She started by highlighting the rapid development of Indian transportation hubs and emphasized that investors have 24 sectors at a total value of 5 Trillion USD by 2025 to choose from. Thus, a majority of Indian subsidiaries outperform their corporate parent. Verma accentuated the potential of renewable energy and ended her presentation with the already existing policy support in regard to wind energy.
The Vice Chairman and Managing Director of ENERCON WindEnergy Pvt. Ltd, Dr. P. K. C. Bose was the last speaker. He gave his presentation on the topic “Experience Sharing: Investing in Indian Wind Energy Sector” and shared his knowledge of working in and out of India. He made clear that in the future India will be be Enercon’s global sourcing hub and the research and development centre for their wind energy technology.

You can download the presentation of EAC here and the one of InvestIndia here.