AgroPhotovoltaic Session at REI Expo 2019

(L to R) Ms. Sandra Soares da Silva (KfW Development Bank), Mr. Karan Verma (Astron), Dr. V K Jain (Amity University), Mr. Tobias Winter (IGEF), Dr. Priyabrata Santra (CAZRI), Munjal Rangwala (Harsha Abakus)

Is it viable to do agriculture below large-scale solar power plants in India? 

Harvesting crops and solar energy on shared land offers a promising solution for India's land and water scarcity. Combining solar power generation with farming is known as AgroPV. Among its various benefits is the ability to save resources as demonstrated by the Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI). Here the water used for cleaning the solar panels is being caputured and reused. It can be used again for cleaning or for watering the crops growing below the solar panel area. First AgroPV pilot plants are being equipped with water harvesting systems and some project developers further consider to even integrate dry-cleaning systems.

By now, many farmers around the globe already cultivate their land succesfully under solar panels. Estimated total capacity of 2 GW AgroPV is installed in Japan, Korea, USA, France and Germany alone. India currently counts around 5 MW of AgroPV capacity. The topic of AgroPV increasingly attracts the interest of researchers both in- and outside India. Pioneer studies by institutions such as CAZRI, Anand Agricultural University, Navsari Agricultural University, Amity University and Jain Irrigation Labs generated valuable insights for further practical implementation. Fraunhofer Germany finalized another important study on the potential of agricultural activity below solar panels in India. Latest results and expert insights were presented at India’s 2nd AgroPV Workshop Session at Renewable Energy India Expo 2019 on 18 September. International participation could also be realized via Video Conference with presentations by Mr. Frisson and Mr. Krause-Tünker from France and Germany. Participants were able to explore future business opportunities in combining farming and solar energy generation. Sector experts from CAZRI, AMITY, Next2Sun, Astron Solar Power and Innovation AgroPV Consultants gave detailed presentations of ongoing research as well as comercial projects under implementation in India.

This 2nd workshop session was hosted by Indo-German Energy Forum on 18th of September during the Renewable Energy India Expo 2019. Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber, Vice President ISES Germany inaugurated the workshop with a special address. The session was chaired by the Head of the Energy Cell, German Development Bank KfW, Ms. Sandra Soares da Silva.

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  • Special Address on photovoltaic and agriculture, win-win for India’s farmers and civil society

           Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber, Vice-President, International Solar Energy Society (ISES)

           Mr. Tobias Winter, Director, Indo-German Energy Forum Support Office (IGEF-SO)  

           Please find the video presentation here

           Mr. Thibault Frisson, AgroPV Innovation Consultant 

           Dr. Priyabrata Santra, Senior Scientist, CAZRI

           Mr. Munjal Rangwala, Director, Harsha Abakus Solar Pvt. Ltd.

           Mr. Karan Verma, Head of Sales and Marketing, Astron Solpower Pvt. Ltd. 

           Dr. V.K. Jain, Distinguished Scientist & Professor, Amity University Campus 

           Please find the video presentation here

           Mr. Krause-Tünker, Finance and Controlling, Next2sun GmbH

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