Opportunities for AgroPV in India

(L to R) Subrahmanyam Pulipaka (NSEFI), Tobias Winter (IGEF-SO), Dr. Rashi Gupta (Vision Mechatronics), Shri Pranav Mehta (NSEFI), Sanmati Naik (Fraunhofer), Dr. Vineet Saini (DST), Kulkarni H. B. (KSES)

The National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) in collaboration with the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) hosted a panel discussion elucidating opportunities for AgroPV in India, at the Intersolar India exhibition and conference held in Bangalore on 28 November. An evening reception followed the panel discussion. The event saw participants discussing the viability of agriculture alongside large-scale solar power plants, exchanging best practices and networking.

AgroPV is a promising solution for India’s land and water scarcity. By combining solar power generation with farming, AgroPV conserves resources. For instance, the water used to clean solar panels can be reused for irrigating crops growing beneath it or for the next cleaning cycle. In India, the first AgroPV pilot plants are being equipped with water harvesting systems, with some project developers further considering the integration of dry-cleaning systems.

Today, many farmers across the globe successfully cultivate their land beneath solar panels. An estimated total capacity of 2 GW AgroPV has been installed in Japan, Korea, USA, France and Germany alone. India currently holds around 5 MW of AgroPV capacity.
Researchers around the world are increasingly drawn to the promising topic of AgroPV. A case in point is the crucial study undertaken by Fraunhofer Germany on the potential of combining agricultural activity with solar generation in India.

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