GIZ - India Green Energy Corridors

Report on Forecasting, Concept of Renewable Energy Management Centres and Grid Balancing

The electricity system in India faces several challenges as the energy demand is expected to grow significantly within the next decades while the domestic energy resources in terms of fossil fuels arebecoming increasingly limited. While the primary objective of the Government of India is to build and efficiently deploy renewable energy (RE) for supplementing the energy requirements of the country, the integration of large quantities of RE power in the grid offers significant challenges which are both technical andeconomic in nature.

The project aims to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current challenges that RE faces in the country and those that will arise out of significant capacity addition in RE. The Indian grid is currently the fifth largest in the world. Maintaining grid stability and power quality is a herculean task with its own legacy of issues. Variable generations from RE such as wind and solar plants together are posing significant technical difficulties in the area of grid management.

The project comprises three work packages mainly: the first package focuses upon forecasting tool, methods to enhance balancing and the concept of Renewable Energy Management Centre (REMC), second package focusses on instrument to foster renewable energy including financial, market based instruments, ancillary services and need of capacity market. The third work package throws light on the need for appropriate grid code and control instruments.

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GIZ Summary Report
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GIZ 2.1 Analysis of Existing Framework for Renewables and RE Policy
GIZ 2.2 Reports on RES in Germany Europe
GIZ 2.3 Market Design for Elecricity System with Higher Share of RE
GIZ 2.4 Report on Market Design for Capacity Market in India
GIZ 2.5  Summary Report on Market Design for RE Grid Integration
GIZ 3.1 Proposed Roadmap for Implementing Automatic Generation Control
GIZ 3.2 Document Best Practices relevant to India on large scale grid integration of Renewable Energy
GIZ 3.3 Advice on Policy and Regulatory Initiatives in India for Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
 GIZ 3.4 Methodology for selection and placement of control equipments
GIZ 3.5 Overall strategy and roadmap on regulatory aspects for large scale grid integration of RE