One Day Training cum Consultation Programme on “Innovative Construction Technologies & Thermal Comfort for Affordable Housing

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has been conducting living laboratory experiments at the 6 Light House Projects inaugurated by PM Modi. These experiments are conducted via Building Material and Technology Promotion Council and GIZ’s Climate Smart Buildings to test new age construction technologies and designs with respect to thermal comfort. Thus, MoHUA, BMTPC, and GIZ have organised training cum consultation programs aimed at enhancing the skills of senior government officials, policymakers, and stakeholders on the topics of Innovative Construction Technologies, and inviting suggestions on Thermal Comfort Recommendations. The core aim of these training cum consultation programs is to empower and engage senior government officials, policymakers, professionals in the built-environment sector, and stakeholders from relevant government departments. The focus is on exploring Innovative Construction Technologies, both globally and domestically, to expedite and streamline the construction of affordable housing. Additionally, the goal is to achieve thermally comfortable, resilient, and cost-effective homes. This involves implementing passive design strategies, utilising locally available materials with low embodied energy, and integrating cutting-edge technologies. The consultation will cover crucial aspects such as Thermal Comfort Recommendations and Principles for critical suggestions.

For more information, please contact Mr. Nitin Jain,nitin.jain(at)

Training in Chandigarh on 1 September 2023

Training in Bengaluru on 22 September 2023