Sessions on Sustainable Transformation of Utilities at World Utility Summit

GIZ, as a country partner in the annual World Utility Summit (WUS), organised multiple sessions as part of its "Energy transition with distribution companies (DISCOMs)" project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany and falls under the Indo-German Energy Programme. The WUS serves as a global platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and experts from the electricity sector to exchange knowledge and ideas on the latest trends and best practices in the energy industry.

At the inaugural session, Dr. Steffen Koch, Minister - Head of the Department for Economic & Global Affairs, emphasised the long-standing cooperation between India and Germany in the power sector and the role of utilities in promoting renewable energy and enhancing energy efficiency. The event also witnessed the launch of a white paper on the asset management roadmap by GIZ, which was in collaboration with DNV.

GIZ conducted six thematic sessions, inviting speakers to cover a range of topics related to the electricity sector, including utility business transformation, digitalization, asset management, natural disaster-resilient infrastructure planning, and sustainable practices towards net-zero utilities. The speakers included Peter Hermans, Ex CTO of Stedin DSO, Netherlands, who spoke on accelerating the digital journey of energy ecosystems; Oliver Foerster, CEO of Meliorate GmbH, Germany, who discussed best practices in asset management from an international utility perspective; and Thorsten Koerner, Head of Electricity, Gas and Carbon Trading, Leipzig Utility, Germany, who presented on the business transformation of DISCOMs, empowering the consumer. Matthias Duempelmann, CEO of 8KU, spoke on enhancing the resiliency of utilities and empowering consumers through the business transformation of distribution companies, while Mr. Marcus Merkel, Strategy Manager from EWE, Germany, discussed ambitious corporate climate action in utilities with a focus on EWE's approach to tackling climate change.

The sessions showcased GIZ's commitment to promoting sustainable and innovative practices in the electricity sector. By facilitating important discussions and inviting experts to share their knowledge, GIZ helped utilities acquire the necessary skills to cope with transformative changes in the industry.


Asset management report launch.

Dr. Steffen Koch, Minister - Head of the Department for Economic & Global Affairs delivering the opening remarks.