GIZ India (IGEN Access-II) Supports MNRE in Developing Standards for Densified Biomass

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) received the draft standards for densified biomass, developed by GIZ India under the TC project IGEN Access-II. GIZ India, with the support of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), has developed guidelines and draft standards for densified biomass under the guidance of MNRE and through the support of the National Institute of Bioenergy. The handover event took place in the presence of officials from MNRE, GIZ, ASCI, and SSS-NIBE. The development of standards for densified biomass is a crucial step towards promoting its use in India. 

To ensure that the guidelines and draft standards are in line with international best practices, a study was also conducted by the German Biomass research firm DBFZ. The study provided a set of recommendations to develop the draft standards.

During the meeting, GIZ and ASCI presented the results of the study and handed over the draft standards to MNRE. The officials discussed the importance of these standards in promoting the use of densified biomass and appreciated the efforts made by GIZ and ASCI in developing them.

The handover event marks an essential milestone in the development of standards for densified biomass in India. MNRE will now review the draft standards and take necessary actions to ensure their implementation in the country.

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