Creating Bio-energy Digital Marketplace

From 9 - 10 2023, a two-day workshop on "Creating Bio-energy Digital Marketplace" was held at the BAIF campus in Warje, Pune. The objective of the workshop was to establish an effective and sustainable supply chain for bio-energy using digital marketplaces. The event was attended by government officials, industry leaders, financial institutions, and rural entrepreneurs. The workshop was part of the ongoing IGEN Access-II project by GIZ India, which seeks to strengthen and formalise the biomass supply chain in Maharashtra by utilising agricultural waste management.

The workshop commenced with a welcome address from BAIF and a keynote speech by Shri. Dinesh Jagdale, Joint Secretary at MNRE, Government of India, on the Indian Bio-energy Vision and the Concept of Biomass Exchange. The first day of the workshop included discussions on the bio-energy supply chain, capacity building for sustainable rural entrepreneurship, and the BiofuelCircle model. BAIF shared its experience in creating rural livelihoods through technology, and a panel discussion was held to deliberate on the supply chain challenges.

On the second day, participants including a representative from MNRE visited Ambegaon, Pune, and observed the live on-ground operation of the Project under IGEN Access-II, GIZ India. The field visit included a demonstration of assembling and baling sugarcane trash for easy transport. 

Overall, the workshop offered an excellent opportunity for the participants to exchange their ideas and develop a roadmap for creating a sustainable and efficient supply chain for bio-energy in India and in turn aid in the development of a robust digital marketplace for bio-energy.

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