Strategic Meeting on Low Carbon Energy Scenario for the State of Punjab

Punjab Energy Development Authority (PEDA) in partnership with the IGEN Access-II program of GIZ India organised a high-level strategic discussion on Low Carbon Energy Scenarios on 3 March 2022 in PEDA’s Office. The meeting was jointly chaired by Shri Dilip Kumar (Hon’ble Principal Secretary, NRES) and Dr. Winfried Damm, Program Head, Indo-German Energy Program. 

Following the presentation and discussion on current energy trends in Punjab and findings of baseline scenarios, GIZ presented four major energy scenarios, including 100% RE and 100% decarbonisation scenarios. Punjab showed its interest in harnessing the full RE and EE potential of the state from the supply side as well as in creating the favourable ecosystem necessary for the demand side shift towards cleaner fuels through initiatives like Solar pumps, Agro PV, BIPV, e-tractors, energy efficient and solar-based cold storages, CBG, green hydrogen etc.

As a way forward, both the Government of Punjab and GIZ decided to develop a detailed State Energy Action Plan based on a comparative assessment of different scenarios as well as by analysing their likely techno-commercial viability and socio-environmental impact. 

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