Program on “Financing of Solar-based Decentralized Energy Solutions”

The Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD) has conducted a program on “Financing of Solar-based Decentralized Energy Solutions” from 25 to 27 of August. This program was to train bankers, CSR Foundations, and NGOs regarding the development in the DRE sector.

GIZ provided technical support in 6 sessions that were spread over a three-day program. Out of the 6 sessions, GIZ supported BIR in taking up 4 sessions and provided the trainees with insights into DRE technologies, financing, the role of Corporate Social Responsibility, understanding Solar Water Pumps, and the PM KUSUM Scheme.

On the 25 August 2021, the first session was on an “Overview of the RE Sector/ Development of Solar in India”, delivered by Mr. Rajesh Yadav, BIRD, while the second session called “Overview of DRE Market in India” was covered by Ms. Annanya Sahini, Policy Associate, CLEAN. She explained the various DRE technologies and their applications. On 26 August 2021, the first session was taken by Mr. Ankit Gupta, Associate Vice President at Intellecap, who gave an overview of the “Application of DRE in livelihoods - Experience sharing on bank finance in Decentralised Renewable Energy sector”. The next session was taken by BIRD on Financial Viability Aspects of DRE and conducted an appraisal of DRE Projects. On the last day of the training program, 27 August 2021, the first session was about “Experience sharing on implementation of DRE applications with special reference to sustainability – Role of CSR”, which was taken up by Mr. Adwait Joshi, CEO CLEAN and Ms. Kritika from CLEAN. The last session was on “Technical and financial parameters of Solar Pump Scheme – KUSUM Scheme of Government of India”, presented by Mr. Anupam Ray, Senior Advisor KPMG.

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