Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficient Interventions for Strengthening Health Centres in North Karnataka

As part of the initiative, IGEN ACCESS-II Program in partnership with SELCO Solar (field implementation organisation) is implementing a project with a focus on addressing the COVID-19 crisis in the North Karnataka region. The project focuses on better health care services by improving the institutional infrastructure facilities mainly through access to reliable power and medical equipment.

The focus has been placed on 36 rural community health centers across 13 districts of north Karnataka. These centres are equipped with clean energy systems and improved health care appliances. The basic criteria in selecting the health facility are whether the facility mainly caters to challenging terrains, helps serve largely migrant communities. In addition, available data of daily footfalls, electricity availability was considered in the selection of facilities. The energy health audit was conducted to understand the energy gap scenario of individual health care services. Solar systems have been installed in the selected primary health care centre's as part of the project with a capacity of 3.6 KWp – 4 numbers; 5.4KWp – 29 numbers and 7.5 KWp in 3 numbers. In addition, different medical equipment's identified as part of the audit have also been installed in these centers.
On average, each health center serves at least 150-200 patients per day who usually are visiting from across seven villages present in and around the health center. With the completion of installation and training of health center staff, the solar-powered health center with new medical equipment was handed over to the community by the GIZ team in presence of government representatives, health officials and the SELCO team.

The district collector and district health authorities have expressed interest to scale up the project mainly by leveraging government health funds in the coming years.

In addition, the project has also increased the individual capacities of 2500 women Self Help Group (SHG) members on COVID-19 safeguard measures, treatment protocols, steps to protect themselves, and prevent community transmission across 13 districts of North Karnataka.

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