Stakeholder Consultations on Energy Efficiency

The programme “Energy Efficiency in Industry & Data” launched a baseline energy audit and benchmarking study for non-PAT (Perform, Achieve & Trade) secondary steel and pulp & paper sector in India, which will develop baseline energy/resource consumption figures, establish process benchmarks and project various scenarios of the non-PAT secondary steel and pulp & paper sector for decision/ policy makers.

Under this study, several initiatives are being carried out for the non-PAT secondary steel and pulp & paper sector which directly and indirectly benefit industry stakeholders:

  • Awareness creation workshops/webinars in the cluster
  • Detailed Energy Studies completed in 300 secondary steel plants and around 90 pulp and paper plants
  • Analyse core process benchmarks and identify Energy Efficiency technologies relevant to the cluster
  • Development of projections for energy and water saving potentials

To initiate dialogues on Energy Efficiency with Industry associations/ units, Stakeholder Consultations were organised in Jaipur, Kashipur, Raipur, Muzaffarnagar & Ludhiana in December 2021.

The main objective of these consultations was to disseminate information about energy efficiency & project details to industry associations & units. This also helped the project to understand cluster level needs and challenges in adopting energy efficiency (EE) measures.

More than 150 members from different sector stakeholders, including entrepreneurs and senior professionals, participated in these consultations.

Roundtable discussions were carried out with the stakeholders on barriers to Energy Efficiency adoption and potential solutions. Discussions focussed on the technical, financial, regulatory, and capacity building needs of the units. 

For more information please contact Mr. Nitin Jain, and Ms. Priyanka Chandra, priyanka.chandra(at)