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German Funding Schemes for International Green Hydrogen Projects

The Indo-German Energy Forum actively contributed to the ninth "India Week Hamburg" and hosted a break-out session on ‘German funding schemes for green hydrogen projects’. The session took part within the framework of Hamburg-India business day on Monday, 08 November.

The event was a joint initiative of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association, German-Indian Round Table (Hamburg Chapter), Hamburg Representation Mumbai and HIW Hamburg Invest Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft GmbH and was supported by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, the Consulate General of India in Hamburg and the Confederation of Indian Industries.

Please find the presentations of all speakers as follows:

Mr. Tobias Winter: Germany's Green Hydrogen Strategy

Dr. Nicole Glanemann: H2 Global - Shaping the Global Energy Transition

Mr. Tobias Junne: International Hydrogen Ramp-up Program (H2-Uppp) – Green hydrogen pilot financing

Dr. Erik Busche: Funding Guideline for International Hydrogen Projects. Further access to his video presentation is available here.

Celebrating India Week Hamburg 2021

Celebrating India Week Hamburg 2021