Building Performance Analytics - EcoNiwas Samhita Phase II

The conception of the EcoNiwas tools was based on the fact that at present no platform is available in the Indian market which is simply dynamic in the sense that it uses a live simulation engine on a web-based platform to generate the results and can assist professionals in providing a solution for designing an energy-efficient building. 

In the first phase of the EcoNiwas website development, a basic tool was developed for common mass, to quickly assess the energy performance of the most essential building parameters. For the next phase of EcoNiwas, two more tools were conceived, which have been designed as an update for the basic tool, namely the Advanced Tool and the Envelope Optimisation Tool. 

The EcoNiwas Advanced Tool has been designed to assist the users in understanding and evaluating the design features of the residential projects on account of their energy performance based on the benchmarks of the ENS Code 2018. Plus, the ECONIWAS Optimisation Tool is a techno-commercial feasibility evaluator that is designed for evaluating various building envelope parameters (Wall, Roof & Window) based on their technical and economic feasibility. These analytical tools are made available on The backend code for EcoNiwas Advanced Tool is written in PHP having Operating System Ubuntu (Linux) with the database type as a SQL and running on Apache server.