The Indo-German Energy Forum Subgroup I and III Meetings


The Indo-German Energy Forum Subgroup I meeting was held on 31 October in New Delhi. The meeting was co-chaired by Dr. Christine Falken-Grosser (BMWi) and Shri Vivek Kumar Dewangan (MoP), who agreed that the main focus of the subgroup shall remain on the flexibilisation of power plants to adapt to fluctuating renewable energy sources. The work will continue to focus on both technical and market-related aspects. In particular, the training of power plant operators was stated to be of crucial importance.

On the same day, the IGEF Subgroup III meeting on energy efficiency also took place in New Delhi. Shri Abhay Bakre (BEE) and Dr. Christine Falken-Grosser (BMWi) co-chaired the meeting. Apart from discussing the Indian programme "Perform Achieve Trade" (PAT) and the German action plan for energy efficiency, five topics for further cooperation were identified and explored: energy efficiency in buildings, cooling in general, energy efficiency in industry, electricity-demand shift to absorb demand peaks, and requirements for public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.