Capacity Development for Bankers Facilitate the Adoption of Solar Water Pumps in India


GIZ has partnered with Intellecap in order to design effective capacity development approaches for financial and agricultural institutions. The objective is to empower nodal actors working on the demand-and-supply side of solar water pumps. Intellecap has interacted with numerous stakeholders and analysed various capacity development approaches. Subsequently, it drafted training approaches for financial institutions and agricultural extension workers to promote the adoption of solar water pumps. Thereafter, GIZ and Intellecap organised workshops in Ranchi, Jharkhand, and in Delhi to present these training approaches.
The first workshop in Ranchi, Jharkhand, was conducted at the regional level to obtain information from regional-level representatives, and also to understand on-ground challenges and opportunities in the promotion of any new technology or product. The second workshop was conducted at the national level in Delhi to gain information from decision-makers who understand strategic challenges. The workshops were attended by representatives of government institutions, public sector banks, MFIs, NBFCs, agriculture sector representatives, consultants, associations and NGOs.

Stakeholders shared feedback on training approaches, particularly the issues faced by agri-extension workers as well as financial institutions in supporting new products/technology. They discussed potential ways to facilitate the promotion of solar water pumps. 

The findings of the study and the workshops will be published in a report in March 2020.