Best Practices Study-Tour cum training on Grid Management, Network Monitoring & Loss Reductions

The Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) and the Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) jointly organized the Best Practice Study Tour cum Training program for power sector professionals on “Grid Management, Network Monitoring & Loss Reductions” from 13th- 15th November 2019 at Puducherry.

60 delegates from the various State utilities, PSU’s, ABB, BBMB, BREB(DHAKA), BSES Rajdhani, CERC, DPDC(Dhaka), DTL, GETCO, MERC, MPPTCL, NTPC,PED, RRECL, POSOCO, POWERGRID, NHDC, SIEMENS, SJVN, SREDA(Dhaka), TOSHIBA, TPDDL, TVPTL, UERC, UPPCL, etc. participated in this 3 day Study tour cum Training  Program to  Auroville-Roof Top Solar Centre, POWERGRID (Battery Storage Plant) and SCADA & Smart Guide Centre

Mr. Eric, a Frenchman who had been living in Auroville for the past 20 years and who was fully accustomed to the traditions and lifestyle of the people at Auroville showcased the Auroville – Roof Top Solar Centre, where one of the engineers gave a brief about the plant to all the participants.

Next on the agenda was the visit to the Battery Storage Plant of POWERGRID. Mr. Mahesh, Manager Powergrid explained the working and functioning of the plant. The participants also visited the SCADA & Smart Grid Centre, post lunch. The officials from Puducherry Electricity Department (PED) gave a brief about the working of SCADA Smart Grid.

The third day was the International Workshop to exchange  knowledge on the various core topics of the study and visit. The Inaugural session was addressed by  the following guests:

  • Shri R.N. Nayak, Former CMD, POWERGRID
  • Shri Devesh Singh IAS, Secretary Power, Govt. of Puducherry
  • Ms. Karin Stoll, Consul General of Embassy of Germany, Chennai
  • Shri R Kamalakannan, Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture and Electricity, Govt. Of Puducherry

The first session was chaired by Shri Akilur Rahman, Chief Technology Officer ABB Ltd. Bengaluru. The session had 4 presentations.

Shri Kiran Rasane and Hamza Ehtisham from Siemens Ltd. on Operations and Challenges Related to RE Forecasting Scheduling, Integration into Grid and Way forward. The discussion carried topics across its important functional blocks, and the implementation. The second presentation on “Reactive Power Management with Large Scale RE Generation” by S.R. Vijayan, ABB Ltd setting the base definitions on Renewable Generation and stating the basic key differentiations between electrical flow in a Conventional Generation and in a Distributed Generation. On conventional grid network, discussions revolved around the challenges of integrating renewables, technologies present, solutions available, and the further layouts on the technology at the generation point to help evaluate better sun or wind generation (via forecasting) including which, the takeaways consisted of power grid management, its types, the techniques, solutions for obstacles and the examples set by STATCOMs. The third presentation was given on the “Grid Monitoring Tools and Global Standards” by Shri Terry Chandler, Chief Executive Officer, Quality power Inc. The final presentation was by Shri Nisheeth Srivastava, KfW Development Bank, New Delhi, post which a 10-minute Q&A ground was set with very enthusiastic participation.

The final session after the lunch was chaired by Shri R.N. Nayak, Former CMD, Powergrid. The first presentation was on “Distributed Solar Energy” by Shri Martin Scherfler, Auroville Consulting. He discussed the importance, differing planning and management techniques of solar energy with the effect of climate change and how solar energy can initiate a better scenario. The next presentation was from Puducherry Electricity Department by Shri J. Antony Vivekanand on the topic “Smart Grid and Its Implementation Challenges-Overview of Puducherry Pilot Project”. In his presentation Shri Antony covered briefing the participants about Puducherry Pilot Project, Puducherry smart Grid Pilot Project and their major building blocks. He discussed about Meter Data Management system and integration with SCADA/DMS with the ability of smart meters to record the export and import energy making the system ready for renewable energy integration. Next presentation was on Project Management for Accelerated Loss Reductions by Shri Pramod Mishra, Head Dist. Planning BRPL, New Delhi.  Shri Mishra informed the participants how they reduced the transmission losses from 50% to 8% in the past 10 years The last presentation was given by Shri Mahesh M. from POWERGRID, Puducherry on “Operational Challenges of Large-Scale Battery Systems for Grid Applications”. The initial brief was, to the participants about Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in power system application, its Pilot Project and applications, its operational challenges and then showcase that a fast responding storage device like BESS can be used to mitigate the various dynamic frequency, voltage fluctuations and demand-supply imbalance caused by increasing intermittent renewable energy sources such as solar and wing in real time operation of power system by providing various grid applications including frequency Regulation, Energy Time shift and RE firming in grid.

The Lt. Governor of Puducherry her excellency Dr. Kiran Bedi graced the valedictory session where she addressed the participants about the importance of Administration and Management. She urged all the participants to collaborate their technical knowledge with Sound principles of Project Management and help the nation by implementing as much as possible to promote Grid Management, Network Monitoring & Loss Reductions. She congratulated all for doing such wonderful work in their respective fields. She concluded her address with complimenting CBIP and IGEF for organizing such an interesting study tour for the stakeholders and urged the participants to implement the new knowledge from the program in their respective departments.

The program ended with Dr. Kiran Bedi doing the honours of handing over the certificates to all the participants.