No Tweet without Wieck!

IGEF says goodbye to praised colleague


Monsoon is coming to an end, but for IGEF the sunny days are over. AgroPV expert Henning Wieck left the Indo-German Energy Forum to continue his scientific activities overseas. Mr. Wieck is known as a pioneer on AgroPV in India and was valued by his colleagues for his deep-level insight on this topic. Especially the communications work yielded beyond average results through his fruitful contributions. 

His unique sector-knowledge was constantly praised by no one less than IGEF-director Tobias Winter himself, who kept requesting less knowledgable colleagues to "please consult with Mr. Wieck before releasing anything on AgroPV on Twitter". When it came to Mr. Wieck, Mr. Winter knew how to put it straight: "Er weiss, worauf es bei AgroPV ankommt." Mr. Wieck is a known face in sector events all across the country. He was never tired to bless places like Jodhpur, Gujarat or various institutions with his expertize - all with the honourable aim to foster the expansion of AgroPV in India. 

Mr. Wieck is followed by Elios Sprung. However, he genereously agreed to continue checking any content before ignorantly released on the internet. If overseas or not, one thing surely remains: no Tweet without Wieck!