Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF-SO) partnered RenewX 2018

Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF-SO) partnered RenewX which was held from 13 – 14 April 2018 in Hyderabad. The show included presentations by more than 40 speakers from India and overseas on topics such as Solar PV, Financial Risks, Powering the Roofs, Asset Management, Circular Economy and Waste to Energy. On behalf of IGEF-SO several international speakers gave their insights into this topic Mr. Christoph Klunker in the session on "Waste to Energy: Convergence of Technology, Incentives, Challenges & State Policy" explained the principle of circular economy.  

He laid out the challenges and opportunities generated by high growth rates, which can be observed in India and the whole Asian region. With exponential economic growth the side effects (emissions, waste, urbanisation, land-use and others) rise exponentially in speed and amount, as well. Industry, politics and the whole society is challenged to find solutions. Invention as a prerequisite of new approaches however is less driven by efficiency as current technologies are "just" improved. Incremental enhancements are limited by the technology itself and won't be able to handle the expected growth. In particular the field of waste management the focus should be on the beginning of the products' life-cycle. With segregating the right materials waste becomes a valuable resource and less a burden. Furthermore, with the right design the resources can be recovered in a cost-efficient way. Circular economy is a systems change with a need for fundamental innovations and not just a further increase of efficiency.

IGEF-SO was proud to partner RenewX providing a platform for organisations to capitalize and penetrate the lucrative South Indian renewable energy market. The expo witnessed a congregation of South India’s green economy community to discuss industry trends, challenges and market insights including the Indian regulatory framework.