Green Hydrogen Business Roundtable at ELECRAMA

The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) together with the Indo-German Energy Forum Support Office (IGEF-SO) organised a business roundtable and networking lunch on the topic of ‘Green Hydrogen’ during ELECRAMA on 20 February 2023 at India Exposition Mart Limited, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR. 
The roundtable conference started with welcome remarks from Ms. Sonia Prashar, Deputy Director General, IGCC, wherein she emphasised on the need to explore possible synergies relating to the Indo-German Green Hydrogen projects among various stakeholders, in the context of various funding schemes being offered by Germany.
Mr. Siddharth Jain, Founder & CEO of MEC Intelligence took over with a presentation on an overview of the current market potential and statistics regarding green hydrogen. Some important facets presented by him included the industries currently interested or involved in green hydrogen or its derivatives along with the growth potential for each. A preliminary geographical split of current and future plants along with international trade potential was also showcased. He concluded his presentation with a summary of various private and public players currently involved in the industry. 
Thereafter, Mr. Tobias Winter, Director of IGEF-SO, introduced the various German funding schemes available for green hydrogen projects. He laid out the objectives of Germany’s ‘National Hydrogen Strategy’ and provided insights into the country’s green hydrogen trading. The grant funding for Indo-German Green Hydrogen Projects was of great interest to the private sector participants. He concluded his presentation by elaborating on the tremendous potential for Indo-German cooperation in the field of green hydrogen. 

This was followed by an insightful discussion with the participants, represented by the various private companies from diverse industry sectors.

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Stakeholders from various industries as well as from the public sector participated in the roundtable to boost the market ramp-up of green hydrogen.

Mr. Siddharth Jain, Founder & CEO of MEC Intelligence, gave a presentation on the current market potential and statistics of green hydrogen.