Training Program on Digitalization, Data Analysis, and Change Management in Varanasi and Goa

The training program was conducted in collaboration with Power Finance Corporation (PFC). The program is a series of six trainings, and the first two have already been conducted. The program is tailored for senior officers of public DISCOMs responsible for implementing the digitalization in their organisations. The objective of this training was to equip senior DISCOM management with the competencies necessary to navigate the complexities of smart metering, digitalization, and data analytics, empowering them to lead their organisations toward a more efficient and sustainable future. This event also gives them a platform to discuss the issues faced by their DISCOMs and think about the possible solutions.

In addition to the training sessions, GIZ organised a visit to PuVVNL Facility at Varanasi for the first training session which was held between 12 - 14 July and to Siemens facility, in Goa for the second training held between 13 - 15 September. These visits were intended to help the participants gain a deeper understanding of the solutions that can be implemented in their respective organisations.