Knowledge Session: Green Hydrogen-based Chemicals

The Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) together with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce hosted a virtual knowledge session on “Green Hydrogen-based Chemicals” with more than 200 participants on March 22, 2022. Renowned experts from Guidehouse, thyssenkrupp and Fichtner provided insights into the opportunities and challenges of using green hydrogen-based chemicals. Dr. Nicole Glanemann, Deputy Head at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), Government of Germany, and Mr. Stefan Halusa, Director General at the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, gave the opening remarks.  

Mr. Matthias Schimmel, Managing Consultant, Guidehouse spoke about the trend towards green hydrogen-based fuels, especially e-ammonia and e-methanol. While ammonia is primarily used to produce fertilisers today, ammonia could also be used in maritime shipping or industrial processes in the future. Likewise, methanol could be used in maritime shipping in the future. Synthetic fuels are key for decarbonising long-distance transport, shipping, and aviation, while direct electrification is the most efficient way to decarbonise short-distance transport. To produce e-ammonia and e-methanol, green hydrogen is a significant resource. Mr. Schimmel also presented the advantages and disadvantages of e-ammonia and e-methanol.  

Mr. Matthias Schlegel, Head of Hydrogen, Fichtner GmbH, gave a presentation on green hydrogen-based chemicals as a driver for decarbonisation. Green hydrogen is the basis for many chemicals that are and will be used by industry and consumers. The enormous potential of green hydrogen has already been recognised by many and the magnitude of typical project sizes announced increases steadily. Further, countries and companies are positioning themselves to deliver green chemicals to consumers and a global supply chain for hydrogen is forming. Mr. Schlegel underlined the huge market potential of hydrogen and the opportunity for green hydrogen to capture a growing share of the fossil fuel market.  

Dr. Christian Renk, Head of Technology, Innovation & Sustainability, thyssenkrupp AG presented on “Paths and challenges to world-scale green ammonia production”. He illustrated that the ammonia market is undergoing a fundamental change - as clean ammonia is indispensable in a net-zero world. The ammonia market is in transition from a pure fertiliser base chemical to a source of fertiliser plus energy carrier. These shifts are driven by several factors, such as legislative pressure or end-user demand for climate-friendly goods. Dr. Renk further presented how ammonia is used along the entire energy supply chain, for energy transport, as an energy carrier or for the conversion back into hydrogen.  

The discussion was followed by an open Q&A session which was moderated by Mr. Tobias Winter, Director, IGEF.  

Please find the presentations below: 

Mr. Matthias Schimmel, Guidehouse 
The trend towards green hydrogen-based fuels | Recording of presentation  

Mr. Matthias Schlegel, Fichtner GmbH 
Hydrogen-based chemicals as a driver for decarbonisation | Recording of presentation 

Dr. Christian Renk, thyssenkrupp AG 
Paths and challenges to world-scale green ammonia production | Recording of presentation   

Furthermore, a recording of the full Q&A session can be found here

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All speakers of the event

All speakers of the event