Successful Indo-German Government Negotiations between BMZ and MoF

On 24 November 2021 the Indo-German Government Negotiations 2021 were concluded with the result of 1.3 billion EUR being committed to climate and sustainable development investments. The development cooperation between both countries thus will continue to contribute substantially to a green energy transition, agro-ecological farming, forest conservation, resilient urban development as well as green urban mobility. Additionally, the successful negotiations set a strong foundation for the envisaged enhanced Climate and SDG collaboration between India and Germany. Both sides agreed to further intensify their engagement in relevant sectors under the framework of the strategic partnership to be formally finalized during the 6th Indo-German cabinet consultations in 2022. Concrete deliverables of this partnership in the energy sector could be further collaboration on solar power generation and renewable energy production in general as well as in providing support to India in achieving its latest targets for a green energy transition as announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi in Glasgow at the COP26.

For more information please contact the Embassy of Germany in New-Delhi, wz-1(at)