High-Performance Metallic Materials for Energy Storage (MATAPP-2021)

Indo-German bilateral workshop on high-performance metallic materials for energy storage and power generation (MATAPP-2021) supported by IGSTC was jointly organised by the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) & FZ Jülich on 22-23 April 2021. The workshop coordinators were Dr. M. Manikandan, VIT and Dr. Bernd Kuhn, FZ Julich GmbH.

While worldwide fossil fuel based power plants are being phased out, some avenues are still being explored in India to increase the efficiency of thermal power plants and reduce emissions. The development of advanced ultra-supercritical power plant technologies is being handled on mission mode in the country. In this context, speciality steels and superalloys are being developed and evaluated. On the other hand, solar power generation has become the most important type of renewable energy in India. Here again, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) based power generation has several advantages. Thermal energy storage systems become important in this context and special steels and superalloys resistant to Phase Change Materials (PCM) need to be developed. The workshop covered special metallic materials required for advanced versions of thermal power plants and energy storage systems for CSP technology.

For more details, please contact Dr. M. Manikandan manikandan.manoharan@vit.ac.in and Dr. Bernd Kuhn b.kuhn@fz-juelich.de.