Future of Distributed Home Storage Systems in India


On 26 May the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) together with the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) co-organised an open webinar on “Future of distributed home storage systems in India”. The webinar was highly informative and attended by 300+ participants across industries. Experts highlighted global and Indian market updates and future potential for distributed home storage systems.

Home storage systems are essential to manage the power quality, reliability and energy access in rural areas. With the shift in technology, Li-ion technology is widely accepted around the world. In Germany 200,000+ Home energy storage systems are sold and 65,000 systems sold with Solar PV. In the US, the combination of home storage system and Solar is eligible for 26% tax rebate. The Australian government also provides subsidy levels of $300 per kWh and $400 per kWh and the maximum subsidy of $4,000 for the home storage system. Globally, BYD, Tesla, Sonnen, Lg Chem are the leading players in this space.

India predominantly uses lead-acid battery for urban households back up. With higher adoption of rooftop solar, Solar+ energy storage system are evolving as an alternate solution for power back-ups in an urban locality. 

The webinar was opened by Mr. Tobias Winter, Director, IGEF, where he addressed the global market scenario and energy demand. Mr. Winter shared the most suitable battery chemistries for home storage and costs incurred, upcoming business models and drivers, followed by a market outlook for India. He also shared behind the meter application opportunities, available products by different players in various global markets such as Germany, Italy, Japan and USA. The attendees during Mr. Winter's presentation appreciated PV Port solutions developed for India by GIZ. 

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President, IESA highlighted the importance of Energy Storage and market potential, whilst creating the energy storage roadmap for India. He comprehensively covered the suited battery chemistries and their price trend. With his presentation, it was made clear that India is a huge and evolving market with the adoption of new and modern energy storage technologies for rooftop solar. Further he spoke about MICRO - MICROGRID INITIATIVE FOR CAMPUS & RURAL OPPORTUNITIES (MICRO), an initiative by Customized Energy Solutions, a real-time data analytics platform for better energy management and system modeling which helps in reducing the cost of electricity from microgrids. 

Mr. Gautam Mohanka, CEO, Gautam Solar and Galo Energy highlighted the Lithium battery storage for residential purpose and rural energy access. Galo Energy manufactures solar lithium batteries, solar home systems, and solar pumps, etc. for the last 20 years. 

Please find the presentations below: